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    ✓ Requirements Analysis

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    ✓ Requirements Engineering

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    ✓ Tender Management

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Demand Management IT

The need for new IT solutions in logistics and e-commerce mostly comes from the specialised departments. These departments usually involve enterprise-wide strategy planning. Our company supports you to identify and point out the process functions and usability standards in the whole enterprise structure unambiguously.

For your system standards, we provide the developing template that has details on the software IEEE Requirements Specification. We bring different departments in your organisation together with the new IT system solutions.

In addition, we will search for your nearest and most reputable system supplier. In general, we will offer you new IT solutions and stand with you as you find suppliers. All negotiations and implementation of the project will be done by our professionals.

∎ Requirements Analysis

Once you present your needs to us, we will first analyse the basic situation. Then, we will collect all the demands and requirements from stakeholders in your enterprise and create the requirements catalogue. This catalogue will then be discussed and validated by the individual departments.

We will also lead the detailed admission of existing processes and IT systems in the enterprise. At the end of this phase, we will have met the requirements above. We will also have discussed the possible costs, project term and introduce concrete scenarios for the different project phases.

∎ Requirements Engineering

On the basis of the accumulated information, we provide you with the software requirements specifications with Unified Modeling Language. You will get diagrams that stick to a standard IEEE with loads and logic functions. In the C requirement, the demands of the stakeholders will be illustrated. Under this definition, the stakeholders we look at the internal departments on one side and the production partners, suppliers and customers on the other side. In the second part-the specification D requirements- the demands from developer view are defined.

∎ Tender Management

We will also make the detailed market analysis of possible supplier companies in the relevant service sphere for you. The installation plan will also be covered. When required, we will lead you in the tendering of several IT & logistics suppliers. We will also stand on your side with the selection procedure, the conversation negotiations and the assessments.

∎ Implementation

At the end of the selection procedure, we will provide you with the systems implementation. We will also guarantee the fulfilment of defined requirements and agreed-on conditions.

In summary, we will cover the requirement analysis, standard IEEE, specification, tendering, implementing the system.

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