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Do you plan to offer your software as a service in the other countries? If the answer to the above question is 'yes', then you may need to think about the right localization strategy of your software as a service. There are many influencing factors, for example data protection and consumer regulations in other countries, different payment & sales tax systems and different levels of accessibility.

The country-specific adaptation of software as a service gets another dimension; we speak of customizing SaaS, PaaS und IaaS to a given country.

With us, from one source, you get an individual conceptual solution for your software translation, as well as adaptation of your software to local markets.

∎ localization

The localization of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS platforms gives new meaning in the international context. Having only linguistic and cultural adaptations is no longer enough.

The misinterpretation of country-specific norms and regulations can, in themselves, represent business risks.

In any case, we can support you to develop the optimum localization strategy for your cloud services. We will always consider the local matters specifically required to branch into your target market.

∎ monetization 

The classic software distribution model was partially removed by the cloud development. A land-conformist monetization strategy presents a long-term competitive advantage for your services. To this end, we can help you to define the optimum monetization and marketing strategy for your cloud services. We have the skills to properly analyze the specific branch problems of your individual business model.

∎ usability & accessibility

Culturally-conformist and locally-oriented creations belong at the heart of successfully marketing your cloud services in the international sphere, while also remembering that ease-of-use and accessibility will also usually play an essential role.

We can support you to improve the user friendliness of your cloud-applications, for example with usability-tests. Our expert usability-analysis relies heavily on the multi-method and our improvement suggestions always align themselves with branch-topical trends and developments.

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